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  1. Burris Whining
  2. Is it just me?
  3. CFL screws up again
  4. Grey Cup
  5. I haven't watched a CFL game since the botched FG call
  6. Hamilton fires GM
  7. Levingston with Als
  8. Jimenez's dirty play
  9. www.cfldigest.com
  10. Start Times for Semis Delayed
  11. What's the difference?
  12. Hufnagel to Stamps?
  13. Taafe Out? New GM Rumors
  14. start times on Sunday
  15. Pinball steps down
  16. Music to my Ears
  17. CFL Legend Paul Dojack Dead at 93
  18. Go Stamps Go!
  19. And so it begins.....
  20. 32 Page Supplement
  21. Semi Finals
  22. Jiminez Suspended
  23. Did Higgins blow the opening play of the WSF?
  24. Another player Unhappy in Cowtown
  25. 2008 CFL Free Agents
  26. For Fans going to the Grey Cup
  27. Higgins Fired
  28. Ping: Ol' Jase
  29. Only time I'll ever write this on the board....
  30. Jimenez allowed to play
  31. Henry Removes all Doubt... Again
  32. Eric Tillman feeling ill
  33. Smilin' SHank Guest Panelist on CBC......
  34. Grease Pen Down The Middle of His Nose?
  35. East/West Finals
  36. Carm....
  37. The BEST thing about this Grey Cup match-up is...
  38. Go Milt
  39. Good Luck Saskatchewan!
  40. Kinda Ironic
  41. пойдите к черту наездники
  42. Angus-Reid survey (fan % broken down)
  43. Grey Cup Events this week
  44. Who is Ryan Dinwiddie?
  45. Roughriders Name Parking Lot After Austin?
  46. 1986 Grey Cup Classic
  47. Did anyone hear Austin's press conference today?
  48. How well do you know the Grey Cup
  49. John Candy - finally getting his due tonight
  50. O'Billovich to the TiCats?
  51. GC week so far...
  52. so, what happened in the conference finals?
  53. Pinball ready to step down
  54. Our Commish
  55. Commissioner on NFL in Toronto
  56. Are the Riders cursed?
  57. Sask vs Bombers - who you cheering for ?
  58. Grey Cup thread
  59. Congratulations Saskatchewan
  60. TSN and the Grey Cup
  61. Dickenson to be released
  62. CFL in Quebec City?
  63. more detail on Pinball and Kent Austin...
  64. What will Milt do?
  65. Video Replay
  66. CFL Offense
  67. Perfect Grey Cup ? :)
  68. It's Official - Lions Release Dickenson
  69. Why hasn't Buono won more Cups?
  70. latest Pinball rumour...
  71. Audience Numbers for GC - very respectable
  72. New Slogan for 'Rider Fans
  73. It's Official - Popp Out As Al's Head Coach, Will Remain GM
  74. Which team needs what?
  75. Kent Austin's Future
  76. Higgins Next Year
  77. Chapdelaine, Marshall seek to replace Popp
  78. Mark Cohon's ThankYou to Fans
  79. Cfl Announces Vp Of Communications
  80. It's Official:Hufnagel with the Stamps
  81. Jackson gets offer from Lions
  82. Report: Pinball moving to sr. Argo Management, Pelley's replacement announced today
  83. Jake Gaudaur passes
  84. Check out this beauty from Marty York...
  85. O'Billovich new Hamilton GM...
  86. My mother was a hamster, and my father smelled of elderberries...
  87. Potential Free Agent List
  88. Stubler to be Named Argos Head Coach Today
  89. Black Out!
  90. Higgins Interviewed For Als Job
  91. Argos Pick up Damon Allens Option
  92. Report: Barresi out as Lions assistant, Chapdelaine to maybe take over in BC
  93. Hufnagel Announces Coaching Moves
  94. Riders petition league for uniform changes
  95. Chapdelaine, Shivers with the Lions?
  96. Taffe remains as Ticats Head Coach
  97. Special 2008 GreyCup Ticket Sale
  98. Stampeders New Defensive Cooridinator...Chris Jones
  99. Trestman To Be Als New Head Coach?
  100. Report from TSN on Marc Trestman and Als
  101. Does anyone know where I can find this?
  102. Wow....the Green Mile eh? How original....
  103. Will Greg Marshall ever catch a break?
  104. It's Official - Marc Trestman New Head Coach of Als
  105. Don Chevrier Passes Away
  106. GC games on DVD on Ebay
  107. Murphy to Ti-Cats for Davis
  108. Hamiltons New OC
  109. Rider Rye
  110. American refs
  111. Dave Richie to Retire
  112. Grey Cup Classics on a blustery Christmas Eve
  113. "Goin' Deep" a Good Read
  114. Higgins to be U of C Athletic Director?
  115. Creehan new DC in Hamilton
  116. Report:Austin interviewing with Ole Miss
  117. Stegall played G.C. with torn rotator cuff
  118. Argos re-sign Talbot, Three others
  119. Taafe gone?
  120. Montreal Stadium Plans Passed
  121. Troll experiment
  122. Shivers Rejoins Buono in B.C.
  123. O'B Not Sure Taaffe Will Return
  124. Bombers Interested in Dave Dickenson
  125. Season of Dreams
  126. The Ultimate GreyCup
  127. Salary Cap Increase
  128. Austin is Going Home
  129. Riders and Al's over the cap
  130. Goodspeed and Canada to test free-agency.
  131. Don Wittman passes away
  132. Barnes on Riders & Salary Cap
  133. Riders New HC
  134. Lions Resign Bates
  135. Winnipeg Stadium Update
  136. Lou Gehrig's disease in ex-CFLers
  137. Second Worst Kept Secret in CFL - Lions Add Shivers As Director of Player Personnel
  138. Report: Dickenson gets offer from Argos
  139. Tillman Defends 'Rider Spending
  140. Riders Release Corey Holmes
  141. Jacques Chapdelaine Back To Lions Tomorrow
  142. Riders: Over the Cap by more than $400K
  143. Former Esks coach Dan Daniel is WPG's new DB coach
  144. Trouble in Paradise?
  145. Stamps Call Press Conference (DD Signing)
  146. Buffalo Bills to play games in Toronto
  147. Naked Nash!?
  148. Stegall News Conference
  149. Val St. Germain Retires
  150. Lions Announce Coaching Staff
  151. Report:Jackson, Lions come to terms
  152. Dickenson a Stamp
  153. A Saskatchewan Joke
  154. TO releases Avery and Edwards
  155. Ken Miller new Head Coach in Saskatchewan
  156. Damon Allen Pondering Another Season
  157. Toronto Star Fudging poll results
  158. Tom Canada Article
  159. Riders earn 10-14 million
  160. Commissioner Message
  161. Letter from CFL Fans to the NFL
  162. Esks Pushing For Headsets
  163. Sonic = Classless
  164. Buffalo Bills Moving...Maybe Not!!
  165. Perry Unhappy (with Tillman's comments online)
  166. 2008 Schedule?
  167. Riders re-sign Dominguez to 2-year deal
  168. Kerry Joseph Staying in Regina!
  169. CFL Announces Coach of the Year Finalists
  170. Rumour: New Stadium in Saskatoon?
  171. Free Agency - A Time For Team Building
  172. Joe Smith to get NFL Offer
  173. Eddie Davis Re-Signs with Riders
  174. Bombers re-sign Goodspeed
  175. 'Riders Re-Sign FB Szarka
  176. B.C. Lions Retain Joe Smith
  177. Bombers re-sign Canada
  178. CFL Free Agency 2008
  179. DANG! Armour Gone.
  180. Is Ranek still with the Riders? Also who is released?
  181. Jojuan Armour Officially a Stamp
  182. Matt Sheridan re-signs with Bombers
  183. Hunt an Alouette
  184. Tim Strickland Released by Als
  185. Steve Charbonneau Retires
  186. Morley for Hoffart
  187. TNT Signs with the Als
  188. 2008 schedule announced
  189. Coach Mac Lands On His Feet With Argos
  190. Jermese Jones to Calgary
  191. Ex-CFLer, Eagle Day Passes Away
  192. CFL GMs call for ‘transparency'
  193. Commissioner Focuses On League's Positives
  194. Austin wins Coach of the Year
  195. Riders Sign Griffin
  196. Top 3 Ran Teams: Sask, Win, BC
  197. Woodcock a Ti-Cat
  198. Duane Forde joins TSN's CFL Staff
  199. Glenn Upset with Negotiations
  200. The weeping and gnashing of teeth in Wheatieville
  201. Joseph to the Argo's!!!
  202. What do you guys think of the Kerry Joseph trade?
  203. As the Stomach Turns... Allen to Sask? (RUMOUR)
  204. AAFL holds off play until 2009
  205. So what's the Argo's long term solution at QB?
  206. Stampeders release LB Brian Clark
  207. CFL Evaluation Camp, March 14-16 In TO.
  208. Geebrr is a genius!
  209. Omar Morgan back to Riders
  210. Duane Forde's Take On Who To Watch At CFL Evaluation Camp
  211. Duane Forde's Take On Kerry Joseph Trade
  212. CFL Closing In On Ottawa Deal
  213. Stumps release Coe
  214. Argos Release Mookie Mitchell
  215. CFL To Grant Ottawa Conditional Expansion Franchise Tomorrow
  216. CFL Madden 08 PC mod
  217. 2008 Evaluation Camp - The Results
  218. Winnipeg wants to stay in east after 09
  219. Argos to BMO Feild?
  220. Ottawa team Name
  221. Als want Corey Holmes
  222. Tyrone Jones Fighting for his Life
  223. A Look into E-Camp
  224. CFL Draft order...
  225. Lions Extend Wally Buono’s Contract
  226. Pinball, Flutie into CFL Hall of Fame
  227. The Gliebermans
  228. Ti-Cats and Bills
  229. You Too Can Be A Human Pylon!!!
  230. Editorial piece re: CFL in National Post
  231. Leave a message for Tyrone Jones
  232. Riders 540000000000000000 over the cap.
  233. Troy Westwood
  234. CFL History Section on BCLionsDen.ca
  235. Bombers release 2007 Financial Report
  236. Davis and Butlers released by Argos
  237. Tiger-cats Lb Jackson Found Dead In South Carolina
  238. Tom Higgins to be named Director of Officiating
  239. CFL predictions site ready for 14th season!
  240. Bombers Sign Glenn to Extension
  241. Als over Cap, lose first-round pick
  242. Offseason Still Hot Topic For 'Rider Fans
  243. uniform changes for 08??
  244. KK Arrested / Pleads Not Guilty
  245. Argos sign Boston
  246. Grey Cup To Return To Calgary In 2009
  247. Argos Extend Kerry Joseph's Contract Through 2009
  248. Arash Madani predicting the draft
  249. Earth Broken For Moncton Stadium
  250. Damon Allen QB Challenge Returns