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  1. Cheerleaders from around the world:
  2. Cohon Joins CFL On TSN Panel For Live Draft Day Coverage On TSN.ca
  3. Sherbrooke's Giguere Signs With Indy Colts
  4. Keith Shologan Signs With San Diego Chargers
  5. This may Change the Draft
  6. Audit complete: Al's pick stripped
  7. Duane Forde's Draft Rankings Offence
  8. Forde's Defensive Draft Rankings
  9. Ti_Cats Trade pick to the Lions
  10. Jiminez Suspension Lifted by Arbitrator
  11. no cfl for me....
  12. Building Boom in the CFL
  13. Julien Radlien Retires
  14. Which NFL player would you love to see play north of the Border?
  15. A link for Cohon's interview
  16. Charles Rodgers coming to the CFL?
  17. O'Shea Agrees To Contract Extension With Argos
  18. Buono's Cheapness vs "A Deal is a deal"
  19. Calgary Signs Tyrone Calico
  20. CFLPA Looking Into Contract Issues - I.E. Cameron Wake
  21. Ex Rider loses appeal
  22. Canadian Senator doesn't want NFL in Canada
  23. B.c. Place Stadium To Get Retractable Roof
  24. Lancaster To Return To Broadcast Booth
  25. Early Season Predictions 2008
  26. Riders roster now at 77
  27. Esksfans CFL Fantasy Draft
  28. Hamilton Cuts Armstead
  29. off season moves rated...
  30. Joe Paopao to Montreal
  31. Argos Sign Two-time Super Bowl Champ
  32. Als sign two big name players
  33. Grey Cup Village
  34. Stegall To Miss Training Camp Because Of Knee Surgery
  35. Damon Allen To Announce Retirement
  36. The Emporer's (aka Jake Ireland) New Clothes
  37. CFL Broadcasts
  38. Argos Boston To Miss Time With Foot Injury
  39. I Hope You're Happy Together
  40. Chris Leak joins Hamilton
  41. Tyler Ebell Injuired
  42. Alouettes Sign Receiver-return Specialist Armstead
  43. Boomer big supporter of the CFL
  44. Dominguez Out Until Aug 1
  45. The Gloves Are Off
  46. Swampdog in Hospital
  47. TNT cut by Als
  48. Camp Reports from around the league
  49. Tyrone Jones Passes Away
  50. Bill to ban NFL not dead
  51. Westwood Released By Blue Bombers
  52. Omarr Morgan says it was a mistake to leave the Riders
  53. #1 Pick could be done for the year
  54. Around The CFL: Other CFL Teams Cuts
  55. CFL Game Winner Pool?
  56. Agros At it again....
  57. Waivers
  58. Schultz Against The World
  59. O'Mahony Stubs Toe Going To Bathroom In Dark And Misses Practice
  60. Huntington Stamps His Feet
  61. TSN Poll
  62. According to Media "Experts"...
  63. Hate to Say It, But Spector Nails It on the CFL
  64. anywhere to watch online tonight??
  65. Hamilton looks like Hamilton....
  66. CFL Roster info
  67. Shots from the hip: Week 1
  68. Football Fans Cry Foul Over Tailgate Party Restrictions
  69. At least the Sask. media isn't drinking the green koolaid....
  70. New CFL Advertising Campaign
  71. Crandell and the Riders
  72. 'Riders Sign First Round Pick Shologan
  73. Danny Mac joins TiCats coaching staff
  74. How sick is Jesse Lumsden?
  75. MTL/WPG
  76. Phone Booth Injured, Jyles In
  77. CFL.ca
  78. A new level of parity?
  79. Lions President Bob Ackles dead of heart attack
  80. Wpg or B.C. 0-3
  81. Good news for Esks upcoming Thur. game: Stubler brewing a QB controversy in TO
  82. Riders Acquire T.J. Acree
  83. Attendance Report
  84. Report: Argonauts Put Bishop On Waivers
  85. Don King as in booth guest on tsn?
  86. RIDICULOUS play in Hamilton.
  87. Riders 3 and 0
  88. Week 3/08 - Power Rankings
  89. Tailspin Signs Contract Extension With 'Riders
  90. Stubler attempts to end TO QB controversy by naming Joseph starter for Sun. game
  91. Lumsden Out with Injury
  92. Revelations from Denny Creehan...
  93. week 4 predictions
  94. No Help From Hamilton
  95. Troy Westwood article...
  96. C'mon Bombers!
  97. Esksfans Road Trip BC Place Aug. 8th
  98. Rich Stubler: vanilla DM v 2.0?
  99. Questionable Call in Sask.
  100. Ryan Dinwiddie is the new starter in Winnipeg
  101. Bomber Cheerleader coach quits over "web photos"
  102. Armstead released
  103. Attendance Report - Through Week 4
  104. Eric Tillman again warns he is going over the cap
  105. Durant BENCHED. Crandell back in. Ticking time bomb counting
  106. Dan Tencer's Confused.
  107. Anyone else happy to be 0 - 1 in the Pool this week?
  108. CFL ratings rise
  109. Anyone watching the BC- Als game?
  110. Cfl Madden 08 Video Link
  111. New Coaches Feature
  112. What is with the serious injuries this year?
  113. I hate to start this thread but...
  114. Most over rated undefeated team since the 13-0 Lions?
  115. League's Injury updates
  116. Instant replay
  117. Bud Steen?
  118. Tillman Fined!
  119. Leif Pettersen passed away :shock:
  120. Eskimo Tickets 30 Dollars Each / Obo--tonight
  121. The East is Horrid
  122. The Lesser of Two Siginificant Evils Bowl...
  123. Attendance Report - Through Week 6
  124. CFL Rules Armour's Ejection Unwarranted
  125. Awesome Article from Duane Forde-- CFL SCOUTS WATCHING NFL CAMPS CLOSELY
  126. 110 days
  127. Lancaster diagnosed with cancer
  128. Dominguez to retire? Torn ACL
  129. Richie Williams - the real deal?
  130. Burris is a tool
  131. Warren Kean signs with Bombers
  132. Lions Shopping Joe Smith
  133. Laughter Is The Best Medicine.
  134. Westwood Calls Out Berry
  135. The Ever-Confusing TSN Power Rankings
  136. Bye Week - who does it help the most
  137. Bombers sign Armstead...
  138. The Commish and Gregor
  139. Official Who Claims He Saw Armour Push Official Demoted To Amateur Ranks
  140. Canada Saves The Day!
  141. How to combat the Bills in T.O. -- Pass this along to 5 Friends!
  142. CFL Schedule Has Some Wacky Quirks
  143. TSN / Wendy's Kick for a Million
  144. Interesting: 1995 CFL Salaries
  145. The Genius of Marcus Crandell
  146. Basement Bowl
  147. Why does TSN keep saying the "old Henry Burris" would have....
  148. Report: Riders acquire Michael Bishop
  149. Top 8 Books Never Written in Saskatchewan
  150. South-side Stands imploded...
  151. Immediate Position Availabe with the Saskatchewan Roughriders
  152. Another Empty Argo Locker
  153. One sane post and they eat their own...
  154. Rules for visiting other CFL stadiums
  155. CFL and Reebok enter new five year partnership
  156. New Retro Bomber jerseys
  157. Former CFL Star Mike Walker Joins Argos As Defensive Consultant
  158. Tay Cody's Alouette Career...
  159. Riders Release Marcus Crandell
  160. Riders NEXT Quarterback?
  161. Labour Day Classics
  162. a little cfl news to share...
  163. Timmy Chang is a Blue Bomber
  164. Ranking Each Team's Home-Grown Talent
  165. The Bombers Stink
  166. No point handing it to Lumsden on 3rd and 1
  167. Charles Roberts traded to BC
  168. Sportsnet: Keith to BC?
  169. Westwood strikes again
  170. well will you look at that!
  171. Dave Dickenson on 9-game IR
  172. Got your tickets?
  173. Putting the Cart a mile ahead of the Horse
  174. BC Lions
  175. Speaking of refs...................
  176. Shut Your Mouth!!!
  177. Taaffe Axed
  178. Moreno / Canada trade nixed by injury
  179. Eastern Head Coaches
  180. "The Don" rises in Toronto
  181. Matthews' Surprise Return Good For CFL
  182. You know its a rough week when...
  183. Pre: Sour grapes or a legitimate point?
  184. Winnipeg/Toronto
  185. Once again, TSN "puts the wood" to CFL fans!
  186. Attendance Report - Through Week 12
  187. Argonauts To Start Pickett Instead Of Joseph Against Stamps
  188. Milt Stegall's record breaking TD will be on Monday Night Football
  189. Duane Forde nails it again
  190. Ron Lancaster Passes Away
  191. Bombers sign Bobby Singh
  192. Ticats after Keith
  193. FU TSN!!!!!!!!!
  194. Well can we start talking about...
  195. Good job Rider Fans (psst... sarcasm)
  196. Ticats to sign Keith today
  197. IM BACK!!!
  198. Simeon Rottier ranked Number 1
  199. Reviews & Penalties
  200. Can We Have A Repeat Tonight?
  201. TSN Friday Night Football Theme
  202. Toby Ziegler
  203. Idiot Kicker
  204. Riders are returning to earth................
  205. Keith Stokes Ends Up With "The Don"
  206. Ron Estay VERY Sick
  207. Ya know what I hate?
  208. Attendance Report - Through Week 14
  209. Cohon Cracks the Whip
  210. Stumps-Gophers
  211. Jeremy O'Day Probably Done For The Year
  212. Seriously??
  213. HEY! Guess what!!
  214. Congrats to Anthony Calvillo
  215. Three Members Of Stumps Fined For Abuse Of Officials
  216. Coupe Grey
  217. Kerry Joseph=Marcus Crandell
  218. Most hated team in the league?
  219. Bud Steen - Wake Up!
  220. Gophers @ Stumps
  221. Rob Murphy feels he shouldn't be fined
  222. Bishop benched, Durant to start for Riders
  223. Ottawa Cfl Group To Unveil Lansdowne Park Plan
  224. Rider Fans continue to break the law
  225. Attendance Report - Through Week 17
  226. Jyles Gets The Call For Riders Against Edmonton
  227. Swac Signs One-Day Contract With Als
  228. Charles Roberts out for the year
  229. 2009 CFL Draft Thread
  230. Ti-Cats to name Bellefeuille HC
  231. Award Nominations
  232. Most popular Rider fan at Mosaic field.
  233. Trouble in TO?
  234. Well I actually hope the Riders gets the home game.......
  235. Don Matthews Resigns
  236. Grey Cup Tickets For Sale
  237. BC Lions
  238. Tillman Owns Duno
  239. Past Playoff Highlights
  240. Ratings Keep Growing For CFL On TSN
  241. Attendance Report - 2008 Regular Season
  242. Dominguez Will Not Play In Western Semi Because Of Knee Injury
  243. Predictions for the Playoffs....
  244. West Division Semi-Final GDT
  245. Hey Rider Nation, Cinderella called and....
  246. Bishop on waivers
  247. Doug Berry Fired
  248. Defensive All-Stars Announced
  249. Quietly, Williams to Als
  250. 2009 Free Agent List