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03-11-2005, 12:09 AM
Brier playoff picture set

EDMONTON (CP) -- A rare miss by Alberta third Dave Nedohin provided the final piece of the playoff puzzle at the Tim Hortons Brier late Thursday night.

Nedohin was drawing for a single point in the 10th end for the win against Jean-Michel Menard of Quebec in the final game of the Canadian men's curling championship.

Nedohin was heavy allowing Menard to steal a single point and a 7-6 victory. It gave Quebec the final playoff spot and prevented a five-way tie for fourth place and three tiebreakers.

"I'm sure there'll be a few teams that aren't too happy with me right now but we certainly tried our best," said Nedohin.

"We played a real good game out there. We made a lot of difficult shots. The tiebreakers would have been fun to see and watch everyone scramble," he said.

Alberta finished first with a 9-2 record. Manitoba and Nova Scotia were second and third respectively with 8-3 records.

Quebec was awarded the final playoff spot. Menard said he worried after a dismal 1-3 start.

"We wondered if we really belonged at the Brier. Two games later we played like gods," said Menard.

"Two games after we played bad again and today we finished with a big win against British Columbia and a big steal against Alberta. There's all kinds of emotion right now," he said.

Five-time champion Randy Ferbey finished first place in the round-robin even before the final draw was played.

"I think we played well but we didn't play great ," said Ferbey after an improbable come from behind win over Deane Horning of British Columbia in the afternoon draw.

"But overall, two points is two points and we're assured of first place and that's what we were gunning for."

Alberta needed to score two points in the 10th end to tie the game. Horning was wide on a take out attempt for the win and gave up a steal of one giving Ferbey an 8-7 victory.

"It's a nice spot to be in. Now we're basically two games away from winning the Canadian championship and we've got two chances at it," Ferbey said.

Horning would have guaranteed himself at least a spot in a tiebreaker game with the win.

"My frustration level? It's probably through the roof to be quite honest," said Horning.

"I had a couple of chances to make the good shots and I let the guys down."

Randy Dutiaume of Manitoba continued to quiet his skeptics officially sewing up a playoff spot with a 7-4 win over former Brier champion Wayne Middaugh of Ontario.

He dropped his final game 8-6 to Brad Gushue of Newfoundland and Labrador but guaranteed himself a second place finish and a rematch with Alberta in the one-verses-two game in the Page Playoffs Friday.

"I'm looking forward to playing Randy Ferbey again but they're going to be tough," said Dutiaume.

"They've got the hometown crowd and we're going to be ready for them. We'll give them a better battle on Friday night."

Ontario skip Wayne Middaugh was gearing up for a round of tiebreakers and was headed for a 7-5 over Brad Gushue of Newfoundland and Labrador when Nedohin missed his shot. His face, caught on the jumbotron, said it all.

"It was a great game over there and we had a vested interest but that's the way it goes," said Middaugh who ended the tournament at 6-5.

"Two games we were on the wrong end of the inch and that's the difference between being in the playoffs and being in the patch."
Had Nedohin made the shot, there would have been five teams with a 6-5 record and a whole bunch of tie breakers going on. Strong teams like Middaugh and Gushue would still be alive and you've gotta believe they'd still be a threat to the Ferbey foursome.

But since Dave missed the shot, they're out.

I'd never suggest that Nedohin missed the shot on purpose...but you have to think losing that game was actually a better result for them.

Sandy - Edmonton
03-11-2005, 01:29 AM
Anything to eliminate Saskatchewan out of contention is all good in my books

03-11-2005, 08:18 AM
I think AB was playing lax...the outcome of that game meant nothing to them.. but everythign to Quebec and alot of other teams.. I'm sure if that game meant something to alberta that shot would have been perfect.

With all the tie breakers that could have happened I have a feeling nothing would have have changed.. I dont think Ont would have made it.. the only one of the teams that where eliminated that might have been able to make it thru the tie breakers was BC.

its good to see the 2 teams that beat AB, playing off against one and another and one of them will be gone...I persoanlly think Nova Scotia is our biggest threat... I also think Ferbey has been playing possum and not playing to their potential... they played good enough to win, but they haven't shown what they can do - thats for the playoffs.

03-11-2005, 09:28 AM
I agree with E4E on this one. No one in Ferbey's rink wants to lose, but the pressure wasn't there like it would have been if this one meant something.

I agree with the assessment on NS as well; Dacey beat Ferbey last year, and this rink beat Dacey (and Ferbey in the round robin this year!), so this is certainly no shoe-in for the Edmonton boys!

That bein' said, I still bet my vMoney on Randy, and would double the bet if it were still open.. :)