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  1. Edmonton Eskimos Is Winning Enough?

    Edmonton Eskimos Is Winning Enough?


    This past week Len Rhodes of the Edmonton Eskimos hired and introduced Brock Sunderland as the newest general manager of the Eskies. With the hiring, Rhodes doused the blaze he set earlier in April with the firing of Sunderland’s predecessor and controversial fan favourite Ed Hervey. Eskie fans have expressed a sense of relief with the hiring of highly-qualified Sunderland over other general manager
  2. Edmonton Eskimos Free Agent Gamble

    Edmonton Eskimos Free Agent Gamble


    Nobody has ever accused Ed Hervey of being conventional or boring. The Edmonton Eskimos general manager has his methods in managing personnel and the associated risks. Mostly those methods have led to positive results. However, Hervey hasn’t always been successful and the big question in 2017 is, has he risked too much?

    Going into free agency Esk fans largely believed that the defensive
  3. Edmonton Eskimos Benevides Unfairly Ripped


    It is obvious that the Edmonton Eskimos season has not gone according to plan. For now they have found a way to right the ship with a 27 – 23 win over the B.C. Lions. For how long not even the players really know. The 2016 version of the Eskies have found ways to lose to the worst team in football the previous week. Then eke out a win at homes against one of the best this week. One thing is for certain, the Eskies as a team are slowly evolving.

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  4. Operation airlift eskimos


    This just in Operation Airlift Eskimos is on hold. Both Edmonton media and fans are keeping an eye on commonwealth Stadium for player changes. However the Edmonton Eskimos General Manager, Ed Hervey addressed the media going into Labour Day. He made a point of saying, “Week in and week out we are getting better. I am not going to put our team in the situation of who is coming and who is going.”

    Hervey talked about
  5. Rider Rivals Invade from the East

    Rivals compete for superiority. Regardless of the Saskatchewan Roughriders record when they and their fans invade the boneyard, they will strive for superiority, in a season-long head-to-head matchup over a hated rival in the Edmonton Eskimos. If the Riders can even the series at a game apiece before hosting the Eskies they will build support for their battered and bruised cause. The kind of support that comes from beating a rival and the dollars that come with that support. Ah yes they real reason ...