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  1. Edmonton Eskimos Is Winning Enough?

    Edmonton Eskimos Is Winning Enough?


    This past week Len Rhodes of the Edmonton Eskimos hired and introduced Brock Sunderland as the newest general manager of the Eskies. With the hiring, Rhodes doused the blaze he set earlier in April with the firing of Sunderland’s predecessor and controversial fan favourite Ed Hervey. Eskie fans have expressed a sense of relief with the hiring of highly-qualified Sunderland over other general manager
  2. Let's Develop a Canadian Quarterback for the Canadian Football League

    As an enthusiastic booster of the CFL I find myself wondering from time to time how the league could go about raising it's profile within the Canadian consciousness. It seems to me that a fairly simple way to do this would be for the CFL to undertake a few steps to encourage the development of the Canadian quarterback. I know that I have heard others comment from time to time that the league should not do anything special in this area and that we should simply have the best player available play ...

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