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    We are 10 games into the 2012 season and the Esks have an okay 5-5 record. Clearly not what we want, but not Winnipeg bad either. I was going to do an article about how the crowded backfield cannot continue and there is really no room for Boyd on this team, but tonight's game has changed my mind. I still feel Boyd needs to be let go, but the offence as a whole is so terrible, that's what I am going to focus on here now.

    I know the offence rallied a little late in the game, but at the end of the day, the one touchdown they scored (FG botch excluded) is not enough. Not in the Labour Day rematch on home turf. But you see this a lot in the CFL whenever a team is down by more than one possession. Calgary was playing loose, the offence took advantage. I will not overlook the first 55 minutes due to one or two drives.

    Before tonight, here is where we sat in many of the important categories. I will get to why these are important in a minute.

    Most points scored - third last
    Average time of possession - second last
    Most first downs - last
    Most yards net offence - last
    Average yards offence - last
    Average gain per rush - last
    Most passes completed - last

    We are last or second last in a number of other categories, but these are the ones I am focusing on and the reason for this is that other than "most points scored," all of these are drive extending statistics. In other words, being last in these categories means that our defence is on the field longer than they could or should be.

    Tonight you saw that take a toll. The defence was on the field way too long and broke in the fourth quarter when Cornish was allowed to run for a 60 yard touchdown. The defence has been oustanding this season and the only reason we are .500. Without them playing lights out in every game, this season would be over already.

    This isn't all on the QB. Although that is where I am eventually going with this article. For instance, the play calling was atrocious late in the game tonight. They were content with a 42 yard field goal...why? He missed it. A few yards closer both last week and this week and they are 2-0 in this series instead of 0-2. Obviously Shaw should have made this one, but why were they fine with letting him try a 42 yarder. Get the ball closer. Do you think BC runs twice up the gut for zero yards in that same situation?

    Now to the quarterback. The QB statistics for this team this year are atrocious. They aren't even worth bringing up. The worst part is that there is no plan for the future. If Nichols is the future, why isn't he getting into games like this where Joseph is stinking up the joint? How can Jyles be the future when he can't stay healthy and is already maybe on the downside of his prime? What is the plan?

    None of this was an issue before the trade. But the media in this city wants me to let that go, so that's all I will say about it. The bottom line here is that the QB's we have on this team are not good enough. Not even close.
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    1. writfiler's Avatar
      writfiler -
      Crandells game plan tonight and at other times this season was atrocious at best. Campbell's d was in a mid to deep zone all night and they were content to give us the short passes in front of them. Our backs carried 11 times all game, not including the carries by Joseph most of which were borne of scrambling after not being able to find a receiver. By running the ball more often, you are able to bring the LB's and DB's up closer to the line thereby opening up the passing game. Why have 3 premier RB's if they're not being utilized?
      There was no flow or continuity to the offense and no attempt to change things up by throwing Jyles in there when Joseph was struggling.
      And the return game was once again piss poor. As has been said before, it's time to see what Logan can bring to the table in that regard.
      The D-line misses the run-stopping ability of Ted Laurent as well as his ability to push the O-line back, leading to sacks by him and others. Marcus Howard is sorely missed as a rush end. Lee Robinson was brutal tonight and Julius Williams just isn't the same without Howard at the other end.
    1. Esks1975's Avatar
      Esks1975 -
      A good fake to Charles on the first or second down would have had most of the Stampers' D tight to the line with plenty of room to pass. But we are content to settle for long field goal attempts.
    1. Opus's Avatar
      Opus -
      You know what I really find disturbing?

      The last paragraph. That the media want you to let it go. That we're supposed to just stick our heads in the sand and say "oh well, what's done is done, there's no going back now".

      Well, maybe that's the position they are forced to take, or risk losing their availability to the team and sources. I'm sure their bottom line is dependent on letting bygones be bygones. They won't carve up anyone until they are already on their way out of town. That's when media in this town will find their spines. Only Terry jones has had the balls to call a spade a spade and level the blame straight where it belongs. On Eric Tillman and his ego.

      Now Eric answered Jones' attacks with an open response. He put the "chalk" in his hands that his results will be measured in the results in November. Since then TJ seems to have let that prediction stand as one to measure the merit of what Tillman has done. If the Eskimos do not advance beyond the point they were at last year (Western Final), then by all accounts the trade has regressed the club when it was not necessary for the club to regress. If that is the case, then by all rights the one who put his job on the line in making that deal should by all accounts answer for it with what he has wagered.

      Oh, the media won't say it. Not until they can hurl their stones after the fact. Until then though, guys like Dave Campbell will continue to toe the line and embody those three monkeys closing their hands over their eyes, ears, and mouth.
    1. gizmo fan 2's Avatar
      gizmo fan 2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Esks1975 View Post
      A good fake to Charles on the first or second down would have had most of the Stampers' D tight to the line with plenty of room to pass. But we are content to settle for long field goal attempts.
      What long FG attempts? Except at the end of games, we hardly ever try them.
    1. Esks1975's Avatar
      Esks1975 -
      Well, long field goal attempts at desperation time. This team so seldom gets to the "red zone" you would think they would try to score points whenever the chance presents itself. I agree that the should try more long field goals.
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