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Edmonton Eskimos Secret Weapon

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Edmonton Eskimos Secret Weapon


For most of the season the Edmonton Eskimos Mike Reilly has locked on and primarily thrown to two of the three members of the Wrecking Crew. That has led to primary receiver Adarius Bowman to rack up 1400 yards in 13 games alongside Derel Walker who has also racked up another 1248 yards also in 13 games. Early on Cory Watson looked to be the third receiver, drawing some of the spotlight away with his big play ability. Then Reilly focused on Bowman and Walker creating an imbalance in the offense and allowing the opposition opportunities to shut down the duo.

Watson 6-Gamed

When Watson was lost to injury against the Saskatchewan Roughriders in week 13 an opportunity was created for a practice roster receiver. In week 14 Brandon Zylstra was activated with anticipation from Esk fans of what could be. Zylstra was an immediate standout as a free agent tryout back in the spring and received a training camp invitation. It was hard to miss the 6 3 220 pound slot back with legit 4.5 / 40 speed during camp. After all he ran solid routes and simply caught everything near him.

Zylstra could have been activated much earlier, but in part he was put on the practice roster shelf for two reasons. First, he is an international player and when Donny Oramasionwu was injured in camp that meant an international needed to play at nose tackle. Second, he was a raw rookie and much like Walker last season he need to get more practice reps as a pro before he could be fully trusted in game situations. Flash forward to week 14 and with national Watson going on the 6-game injury reserve there was a need for at receiver. However, it also took Oramasionwu being activated and replacing international Jabari Hunt to finally give Zylstra his shot.