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Thread: GDT—Esks v Sliders

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    Re: GDT—Esks v Sliders

    Quote Originally Posted by Smartie123 View Post
    Try this:

    It’s just after the 1:20 mark.
    Clearly a helmet to helmet by Sask#92 and then pancaked by the same guy. No doubt it should have been a roughing the passer penalty.
    CFL and TSN are pushing for a home playoff game in Saskatchewan so Saskatchewan benefits from these "judgment" calls all the time.

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    Re: GDT—Esks v Sliders

    Quote Originally Posted by Nanookster View Post
    Exactly, I’m sending a registered mail letter to Randy Ambrose tomorrow and I expect a written reply as to explain how the CFL didn’t get the ruling correct in the Command Centre.

    It can be debated it wasn’t a helmet to helmet hit, it can’t be debated that full weight wasn’t on Reilly.

    As long as people keep accepting mediocre officiating there won’t be any accountability by the CFL.
    I received a reply from Randy Ambrose last week. It was an apology letter as well as a signed football from Randy. It sounds as though my letter was passed around to answer and was then missed, which is why I received the apology.

    In the letter and explanation of the call they don't explain not calling Reilly being driven into the ground with the full weight of the offender (I'd say defender but he was an offender). I didn't ask why the helmet on helmet call wasn't made, the explanation there was the defenders face-mask hit Reilly's helmet first and the facemark isn't part of the helmet.

    At least he does show he cares about the league and the fans.
    Placing the Alberta Flag on the Calgary Flames uniform is akin to putting lipstick on a Pig
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