Curious where people stand on this one.

I tend to approach things through a business lens, and rarely do I have a lot of time or respect for unions. I believe that they've had their place historically, but that the pendulum swings back and forth and too often they end up causing waste and protecting incompetence.

With that said, I'm full on #TeamCFLPA - I want the clubs to have a deal that keeps them financially viable and believe that owners (private or community based) deserve a return on their investment/operations, but it is the players that are what makes the game great. I have come to appreciate the sacrifices that they make, not only potentially in body and health, but often with time away from family, friends and loved ones. Yes, they're getting paid to play a game, and yes, they're chasing a dream, but looking at guys like Brandyn Thompson, John White IV or Matt Nichols and what they've overcome, rehabbed through and persisted at to play a game that doesn't always love them back, it's easy to develop some empathy for the players.

I'm not saying upset the whole business of the CFL, but I'd like to see gains for the players in the cap - particularly focused towards the minimum salary and the bottom 1/3 of the guys, and gains in taking care of their health, both during their career and through the period of any ongoing injuries suffered while playing.