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Fear mongering. We know the NDP is unwilling or incapable of solving these problems. Yet you're pushing the idea that votes should be based on an unfounded fear of the conservative bogeyman. Of course we know the government, and government funded organizations, run so efficiently and lean in this province that any threat of reducing spending is an obvious sign of looming catastrophe.

In conclusion... NO, I DISAGREE.
I'm not pushing, or "fearmongering", but you're yelling. The issues you mention are hard, likely require significant public investment to solve, and will take more than four years to "solve". I just think it's unlikely that a party that has cutting government expenditures as a key to its platform will have much of a chance of improving these issues. Feel free to explain how they're going to do it.

FWIW child poverty in the province has been significantly reduced during the past four years of economic shrinkage, but that couldn't be due to the NDP because we all know the left is incapable of solving social problems. /sarcasm