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Coaching may have played a part in it but in my opinion, I don't think you are winning a lot of games when you have in your secondary as starters:
CB - Maston - who I never thought was a very good cover guy. He seemed to get beat a lot.
HB - Grymes - Good player.
Safety - N.King and Woodman - I don't think either are starters.
HB - Hunter - A rookie who at times was OK but other times was over matched, struggled in coverage and looked like a rookie.
CB- Revolving door of Taylor, Hightower, Colquhoun. Colquhoun spent most of the year hurt, Taylor was up and down and so was Hightower

Then you have Edwards as the SLB. That position is required to be in coverage a lot and he wasn't good in coverage and took lots of penalties. I don't think Bene's defense was very good but it's hard to stop a team when 5 out 6 of your main cover guys struggle to cover.

For offense, I have said it before without a good Oline, your offense will struggle. Because Reilly is so good and he can stand in there and take massive shots to wait for a guy to get open, offset the Oline problems to some degree. Draheim missed most of the season with a injury but towards the end of the year, both Draheim and Kelly started at the tackle positions. Between the 2 of them, you probably have enough to play 1 spot on the right side. If you have them both starting, you are in trouble. The fact that Brock went out and signed the best, probably most expensive left tackle on the market while still having both Draheim and Kelly on your team, tells me Brock agrees that those 2 aren't good enough.
Realistically, there are always going to be a couple positions on your team that you'd like to upgrade, but I thought overall there was enough talent on the roster to contend for the cup last year, they just didn't live up to their potential.

I like the guys we brought in but I'm more excited about the changes to the coaching staff, I think we really addressed some problem areas from last year. And frankly, I don't even care who our DB's end up being, I'm just glad I won't have to see them giving receivers 15 yard cushions so they can watch opponents rack up yards right in front of them anymore lol.