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I particularly like this.

“Throughout the interview process, it became clear we shared a common vision that includes hard work, the understanding of community and the drive to succeed on and off the field.”

At least he thinks winning is important for a professional team and I sincerely hope he doesn't think he is bigger than the franchise.
Succeeding on AND off the field is just another way of saying that winning alone is not enough. People want to/choose to, remember whatever spin appeals to them I guess.

I'm glad we've moved on from Rhodes, and I'm also glad that we have acknowledgement from the new guy that the President has to be accountable for both on the field and off the field performance.

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If you think about what the arena game is, while it is football, it's WAY different than the NFL. The NFL is a big dog, a machine. I know the market but are they truly having to hustle to get people in? I would say no. Where as the arena game would have to be hustling and selling itself to fans to come and watch. Exactly what the CFL needs to do. The world has changed. The Esks and the CFL have missed a whole generation of fans. The days of just having a game on and people showing up just because are long gone.

The Oilers are the big dog in town and they don't have to do a lot for people to just come, I think they do a better job than the Esks. As an example, the Oilers buy billboard space in Red Deer. You see nothing from the Esks.
Point taken, but why would the Esks exert much effort in marketing in Red Deer? You've already spoken, as a passionate fan that was invested and in the habit of making the sacrifices necessary to attend, that the obstacles are too high and the rewards too low to still attend. I'd much rather see them spend their marketing dollars targeting geographic regions where they are more likely to face fewer barriers and get better returns.

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I'm interested in the Arizona Rattlers connection. Trevor Harris played there, David Turner was in their football ops, and now you've got Presson. You wonder if some of that is coincidence or whether there's some deeper rooted ties that are pulling this all together.
Presson, when he found out Turner was in Edmonton, apparently asked the Esks not to speak to him about his candidacy. Wanted to get or lose the job on his own merits. Seems to downplay the ties, but I had noted the same thing you did as a logical conclusion. He went on to say that he knew Turner well from their two years working together in AZ, but hadn't spoken to him in years, and wasn't aware he was in Edmonton until after this process started.

There are rumours starting to leak that the first choice had been TSN's VP and executive producer, Paul Graham, an Edmonton native, but that they couldn't come to financial terms. Don't know if it's true or speculation. Would have been a great hire if we'd landed him - over 40 years exp in the CFL game, broadcasting savvy, Edmonton ties, credible resume, CFHOF inductee and Hugh Campbell Leadership Award winner.

I'm all for giving this guy a chance. I just hope that he gets to define himself prior to a section of the fans jumping on one trait or quote and forever identifying him by that regardless of accomplishments that come after.