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    CONGRATS to John force for his 150th NHRA win. I got to meet him at the SEMA show in Vegas a few years back. my buddy and I came around the corner and he was at a booth with one of his daughters signing autographs. There were a couple people ahead of us in line, and when they got to us, they told us to wait 5 minutes because John had to go use the facilities. When he came back and sat down, they let us approach and I said "oh can you just wait I have to go use the facilities!" he got a good laugh outta that. great guy very personable.
    my favourite quote of his " I'm just a truck driver who goes 300MPH!"
    going to check out his shop on my next Cali trip!!!!!!

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    Re: John force

    Win 151 at Indy. Amazing for 70 yrs old
    I hit them as hard as I could on the mouth right from the start of the game so they were thinking this was going to be a long day. Sooner or later one of us had to quit. And it wasn't going to be me.
    - Dan Kepley

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