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    Re: Eskies vs RedBlacks

    Quote Originally Posted by Archer View Post
    can someone please post video of the play or direct me to where I can watch it? Watching the replay during the game it seemed there was no hold, and certainly no "tackle" (CJ knocked the guy down, did not appear to wrap him up as in a tackle, or even to have grabbed him) and so I'd like to see it again. I thought it was telling that TSN including Suitor was simply silent when showing the replay, very telling I thought.

    OTOH, if this legitimately qualified as a hold then would someone please explain how it constitutes a penalty, and how it differed from every other offensive line play in every game? thanks
    It was Ruby that was called. TSN was focussing on the wrong guy. There was a bit of a hold, but basically the same as the hold on the Ottawa TD that wasn't called.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Esks4ever View Post
    Forgot to mention the Esks PA announcer must have been drinking....

    We completed a pass to Josh Johnson - whos a DB.

    And an Ottawa defender made a tackle. His name ? Jonothon Jennings.. who as we know is a QB.
    Caught that one too. I was thinking Ottawa was up to some tricks as I missed the tackle and was wondering why Jennings was on the Defense

    __edit to add:

    Now that I'm caught up the other thing that frustrated me on the holding call on Ruby is that I'm pretty certain it was only thrown after the throw was completed. I was watching closely and usually see flags when they are thrown before the pass, this one wasn't. I don't think anyone on the field saw it either as everyone was celebrating.
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