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I think it's totally fair. I just grouped the other eight teams as they group naturally: the teams with four or fewer losses, and the teams with eight or more losses. Hamilton's 5-1 against the west and is the top team in the league. Sask is 7-4 and 1.5 games ahead of us. We're clearly significant underdogs against both right now.

The "split" against Montreal is simply because we beat them in week 1 versus Pipkin just after coach Sherman abruptly disappeared, and before the emergence of Vernon Adams.

Seems clear we're heading for around 8-10. I hope I'm wrong.

If you think we'll hit 10-8, who are the four teams we'll beat in the last six games, and why do you think we'll win? I really hope you can convince me.
Iím with you as well. Weíve played 2/3 of the season and havenít beaten anybody good. We are obviously better than the 3 teams that will miss the playoffs but 6th best is as good as I can see it getting for this team.

We also barely beat Ottawa by 4 points at home an havenít proven to be a good road team. I could see them tripping up in Ottawa.