Well... where to start.

The new firetruck is horrible. Slap in the face to the original and the fans who grew up loving it. I fully expected to see shriners or midgets in it.

I figured Harris had a injury before the game - be it last week or during practice. It was fishy to see a third QB on the roster.

I'm still done with Gable. Still does his stupid stutter step stops either to be stuffed before the LOS, or into a tackle instead of the open hole.

Money Hunter can go. Diggs is wearing thin on me as well with his penalties. Got swagger and attitude but he hasn't been able to dial it back when needed.

Did Benefeces sneak in to the Esks coaching staff ? This D, which looked beyond awesome, has looked like the benefeces special the last few weeks. its clear Johnson is the stud of the secondary. He is coaching whomever is lined up with him non stop. I think he needs to be utilized better to the short side. 1. Orange isnt cutting it and Orange does not help Hunter the way Johnson did when he was covering for Orange - also didnt Johnson have his best game playing the short side ?

It seems the book is out there on how to combat the Esks D. - and we've had no response.

Now please correct me if wrong but something has to give on the offense. I made it a chore to watch our receivers and Calgary secondary to see what routes are called and how Calgary is covering. Most routes we have every receiver is running a route under 15 yards. Every. Single. Time. There is no receiver running a intermediate or deep route - even if its not thrown to him its still shows we have a game plan for deep routes. Playing this way against good teams is going to give you a loss every time as now you're playing to their strengths in keeping everything in front. With no actual routes with a deeper threat they can cheat up on every play.

I swear I can count the number of times we had someone run a deeper route past 20 yards on one hand.

We had one play with Kilgore, it was second and long, We actually had 2 receivers running deeper and one was open and if he caught it it would have been a first down. Alas we opted to do a check down throw. Third and long kick time

As I said somewhere else - with a third QB on the roster this week i figured Harris got hurt last week or during practice. Not during this game like Donut Dan said - maybe aggravated it but not fresh tonight. He also said it is a hand area issue as Harris was having issues gripping the ball.

Something has to give. I am not a fan of the fire Maas right now group offseason maybe. I could see Jordan Maksymic being fired this week. Brock was hunting on the sideline so something is going to happen.

I'd be shocked it if was Maas but with Marcel Bellefeuille who has been HC and OC before in the Igloo maybe it'll happen. Jordan Maksymic most likely IMO>

Are we sure this is a Maas' developed Offense or is this the offense from Jordan Maksymic??? People say Harris, Maas and Jordan Maksymic developed this offense and its Maas calling the plays - but is that right? Or, did those three talk about the offense and Jordan Maksymic takes the information and developed the system ? Only Wondering because when Maas was basically doing everything the Offense was never this discombobulated.

I mean I'm sure those three ( maas , Harris and Jordan) brainstorm and develop an offense together but wouldn't it be Jordan's job to develop it completely ?


Does Jordan radio down to Maas what to call, Maas then to Harris ?